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Structura Bodywork - A Minneapolis Structural Integration Studio

The Rolf Method of Structural Integration, often called Rolfing, improves posture, grace, and ease of movement through a progressive series of bodywork sessions.

Each session focuses on a balancing and removing strain from a different part of the body, working towards aligning and balancing all the body segments. This allows the body to work with gravity instead of against it.

Many people come to Structural Integration for relief from chronic pain, but everyone can benefit from the process. All clients will feel more connected with their bodies, more efficient in their movements, and taller, lighter and straighter. As exciting as these physical changes can be, the mental aspects of not being in constant pain or discomfort can be truly life changing.

Structura was recommended in Metro magazine as an inexpensive healthcare alternative. Structura was also featured in the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Read the article here!

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David Peterson massages the feet of a client, providing stability and balance for the whole body